Karan Navani

Hi, I'm

Karan Navani

Web Developer and Hobbyist Investor

I love tackling hard problems and my dream is to run an interplanetary business.

// Work




Recent experience





can speak

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Sass/SCSS

know how to work with

AngularJS, EJS, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, React

make things look pretty using

Ant Design, Bootstrap, Bulma, Flexbox

have dabbled with

AR.js, A-Frame, Mocha

accomplish this with tools like

Atom, Git, GitHub, Heroku, Slack, Trello

have experience with

agile methodology, daily standups, pair programming, remote working, sprints



have previously

worked at a multinational corporation, a startup and have started my own ventures

have worked in

blockchain, finance, Internet of Things, on-demand sector, retail, sales

invest in

stocks in US, UK, China and Japan. I also made my first angel investment in a London startup in 2018

am comfortable with

presenting, project managing, working with clients, working in teams

Design and Media



creating delightful experiences, improving the status quo, thoughtful design

have created

a music video, a company handbook, flyers, logos, marketing material, podcasts, prototypes, webinars

create with

Balsamiq, Final Cut Pro X, InVision, Keynote, Pages, Paper, Photoshop, Sketch

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// About

As far back as I can remember, there is nothing that has excited me more than tech and business. From running my own businesses at university to working in the industry, I have realised that I absolutely love using technology to simplify things and make life better for others.

I wanted to do more with the rapid advancement of technology and that is why I decided to learn Web Development at GA.

I want to work in a product oriented role where I can work with a driven team and contribute to creating something that will improve people’s lives.

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Reach me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email.